I met Saran in April 2014 after my instructor relocated to United States of America. It was difficult to find someone that has my type of commitment to exercise, especially early in the mornings. Saran and I grew from strangers to friends. Her energy and knowledge has helped me in so many ways, especially her exercise technique, which has helped me to manage the way I approach my body and mind. Different exercises (strengthening, yoga poses and so much more). Saran has a special love for health and wellness, which translates into happiness. May she continue her path and may God continue to bless her in all her endeavours.


(48 year old female)



I’ve been working with Saran on and off since 2016. I had just become a mother and was struggling with my weight and self image. She created a space where I could be myself and just work out. It’s also a child friendly environment when I need it to be and that’s priceless.


(33 year old female)




I’ve known Saran for about 5 years. We met while I was on my journey to postpartum recovery. Over the years she has become one of my fitness instructors and motivators. Saran is very dedicated to her fitness journey which has been quite the inspiration to me. Her enthusiasm towards living a healthy lifestyle is infectious. Having her medical expertise along with her fitness training is definitely an asset during her challenging workouts. The workout sessions have not only helped me physically but were a great help during my mental recovery as well. Mother, doctor, trainer, author are a lot of hats to wear. It is definitely encouraging to see another young, afro Caribbean woman excelling in her various roles. I definitely look forward to more training sessions in the years to come.


(31 year old female)




Saran is extremely energetic ,dedicated and professional. I have already learned so much about my body and have completed workouts I never thought I could do before. Saran challenges you but makes working out fun. She is a stickler for going the extra mile and feeling the burn. I would like to recommend you to Saran P King is you are desirous of commencing your workout regime or trying to be healthier you.


(33 year old male)