My favourite 2016 products

My favourite products for 2016 It has been three years since I’ve done a favourite products post. Although a lot of time has passed and I have tried a few products (not many) here and there, I still go back to my faithful few. As my hair grows, I have less and less time and  … Continue reading My favourite 2016 products

How to Get Rid of the Belly Bulge

How to Get Rid of the Belly reference: Prolonged periods of inactivity and a diet high in saturated fat and high sugar lead to visceral fat storage, fat in our midsection that surrounds our internal organs. Some of the fat from the fat cells in that area can end up in our bloodstream raising … Continue reading How to Get Rid of the Belly Bulge

Get fit ANYTIME, don’t wait for the new year

  Why wait until a "special" occasion or the new year to get healthy. Being healthy is not a destination but should be a life long journey for your overall physical and mental health. Below are a few tips you can use to guide you to make lasting lifestyle changes. And the great thing about it, … Continue reading Get fit ANYTIME, don’t wait for the new year

Natural Hair Blog Feature – A Huge Thank You to All Participants – Part 1

Thank you Islandkynks!


Red Roses for All My Beautiful Whom Participated - January to June 2015Red Roses for All My Beautiful Roses

Hello Darlings,

Hope all well with you today and wish you happy healthy hair days.

A MILLION THANK YOUS, SMILES and HUGSto all my Natural Hair Blog Feature Participants from January to June 2015.

All of your hard put into your posts has helped so much and have served as an inspiration to all my viewers, me included.

So here is my way of saying, thank you so much, loved working on your posts and wish you the best today, tomorrow and always.

Here are my Beautiful, Strong, Amazing and Fierce Queens and Princesses:

Ms. Adrianne Miller

Adrienne MillerNatural All Her Life

Awkwardly Natural

Ms. Saran King

Natural All Her LifeNatural All Her Childhood Life & Most of Adult Life


Ms. Emmanuella Desaree

Natural for 3 Months PlusNatural for 3 Months Plus


Ms. Chelsea

Natural from July 12th 2012Natural from July 12th 2012


Ms. Yolonda Moore

Natural for 4 YearsNatural for 4 Years

Leave your email and she…

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Natural Hair Blog Feature – Ms. Saran King

I am featured on Islandkynks!




Ms. King is our following guest and she is such a dear.

With her doll face, amazing hair and gorgeous smile, she is a true beauty and hard worker!

Here is herNatural Hair Story,enjoy my ladies: 

1) Please introduce your amazing self.

A:  My name is Saran P King. I am a physician by profession and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. I am also totally in love and obsessed with my natural hair.

2) Did you Transition, Big Chop, Both or Natural from Birth?

A: The first time I transitioned my hair it was because it came out bone straight which I didn’t like very much and the second time because of severe breakage.

3) How long have you been natural?

A: I have been natural all my childhood days and most of my adult life. While in university I wanted a change of…

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The secrets that are not secrets after all

  How to retain moisture and length in natural hair by Saran P King Clean hair and scalp: The first step to retaining moisture and ultimately retaining length, [if that is your goal], is to work with a clean canvas. The scalp and length of the strands must be kept clean in order to give … Continue reading The secrets that are not secrets after all

Ms. Saran – Feature Story on Maicurls

I am featured on Maicurls!


Hey Maicurlies,

It has been a little while since I’ve been privileged to feature a beautiful natural head on my blog so without further-ado I would like to introduce you to the gorgeous natural-head Ms. Saran, owner of AntiguaBarbudaGirl.

Saran - AntiguaBarbudaGirl

Saran is an “Old timer” Natural who has been natural for pretty much all her life (the things we can learn from her!) She was kind enough to share her story and experiences with me and I am honored to share them with you. (Thank you for sharing Saran !) 

You can read all about Saran ‘s journey over here

Also, if you happen to be on the hunt for hair tutorials, hair care tips, poetry, healthy living ideas and motivation then you will want to visit AntiguaBarbudaGir! The blog is easy to follow with some great information and inspiration. 

Once again Thank You Saran for sharing your story with…

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99-Year-Old Sprinter Sets World Record: “I’m Running From Old Age…”

Whats your excuse? Get up and move your body! Even though Ida Keeling came in last place in the 100 meter race on August 12th, 2014, she took first place in the record books. The 99-year-old great-great-grandmother from New York finished the 100-meter race with a time of 59.8 seconds, becoming the first woman in … Continue reading 99-Year-Old Sprinter Sets World Record: “I’m Running From Old Age…”