Introducing You vs You, a 14-day course to help persons identify the blocks hindering their health.

If you need help starting or continue your health journey, then this course is for you.

As a physician and a transformation specialist coach. I help identify behaviours and habits that may be hindering your health journey and I can help you make the necessary changes. process.

If you feel stuck in your health journey, this is a great opportunity to help uncover and change the blocks in your health journey. 

The course includes:

daily videos

live video sessions


A workbook to track your progress

A support group

And as a bonus, once you join my private Facebook page “A Happy Healthy You With Saran” I will include a FREE time management course. 

​You can access the group here:

Facebook GroupsA Happy Healthy You With Saran has 92 members. Hi there, I’m here to help you on your journey to be happier, healthier. “A Happy Healthy You” is a space created to help you improve your physical and…

We kick off on Monday 19th October 2020
You may sign up to “You vs You” with the link below

I hope to see you there and invite a friend. 

You can sign up with the link

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