“What Are You Going To Do!”

What are you going to do

By Saran P King

Life can come at you hard, what are you going to do?

Imagine yourself in a boxing ring with your opponent, the stakes are high. The match is being hired live on International television. The referee signals that the 9th round begin, you are both obviously exhausted but the match is still on. You both dance around the ring for the first few minutes.

Suddenly a bead of sweat stings you in your left eye, your opponent realizes just as you close your eyes for a split second and catches you off guard and send a jab your way.

What are you going to do?

Your friends and strangers around the world are watching, your family is cheering you on, your trainer looks on with baited breath.

What are going to do?

Do you

(a) throw yourself to the ground, keep your eyes closed, cry and pretend that no-one will realize what has happened or

(b) pick yourself up, get your ish together, stand firmly and fight with all your might?

Life throws a lot of those upper cuts when you least expect it, but what are you going to do?

You must grow through that pain. You must find the resources to pull out the big guns and fight like a (wo)man. Life was meant to be enjoyed, it should be fulfilling and satisfying. Between the victories come the battles and the challenges that you must face head on. You must confront them even when you don’t think you can or you are not ready. Buckle up your shoes and start running. Don’t stop moving until you see the prize.

You will fall

You will get cramps

There will be blood

There will be sweat

The tears will come

And after you wipe your face, continue the race

You will see that the mark is one step closer if only you keep going and believe.

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