What Makes You Come Alive!

“Stress does not come from doing too much, it comes from doing too little of what makes us come alive.” Alexander Den Heijer

Many times we get bogged down with doing a lot of things, whether it be for family, friends, church or organizations of which we are a part. Eventually if we do not recharge, we can become worn out physically, emotionally and psychologically. Therefore we have to stop and think about all the things that spark joy in our lives. We should ask ourselves, are we being fulfilled with the activities that we are engaged in? If the answer to this question is no, then we have to re-evaluate what we are doing. If what you are doing is making you more “stressed out” or have you feeling more weighed down than feeling alive then you have evaluate what you are doing and adjust accordingly.

Look at your life, many times the feeling that we have can be determined by the foods that we eat, the activities that we engage in, maybe an internal health issue of which we are unaware. Be sure to analyze yourself and the activities of which you are a part and measure if it identifies with the authentic you. If it is not making you come alive, look at the situation and see where you can makes changes in order to make what you are doing more enjoyable and fulfilled.

There are things that we, as adults, have to do which can be quite mondaine or a bother to get done. But you can find a way to make it joyful or delegate the task if possible. Look at the situation in a different perspective and see how you can bring joy to the simplest of tasks such as cleaning the house or paying the bills. Make an attempt to bring light into everything you do, where possible. Because what would be the point of living if you can’t enjoy life. Life would be quite a drag if we are not living with joy and happiness every day. Of course our feelings will change from moment to moment and week to week, depending on the situation or information we may get but we must seek that deep down joy that passes all understanding.

Particularly in these times, it is easy to get demotivated, sad and down but we must look at our lives at what we are doing. What are you engaged in, what are consuming inside and out? what are your thoughts? who are your friends? How are you spending your time? See how you can uplift your spirits, seek advice and rise above your circumstances and bring joy in all that you doing, no matter how simple.

Try to bring joy in everything you do, engage in activities that make you come alive and that bring joy and that are fulfilling to your body, your mind and your spirit.

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