Where do you stand?

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but when he stands at times of challenges and controversy.” Martin Luther King Jr.

In the midst of everything that is going on now in the world and this is a world wide problem that nobody anticipated or could have prepared for. But in spite of everything that is going on, we should not lose hope. I know persons may have been dismissed from their jobs, other persons may have been displaced and their whole life have been turned up side down.

Hold on to the hope that this too will pass and we should use this opportunity to reflect and also to embrace change. We can look at ourselves and think how can I make an extra dollar with the skills I have and everybody has a skill, possible multiple skills. We can use this time to think of not only about all the skills that we have but on how we can use our skills and talents to help someone and in turn that person can help someone else.

So let’s not see this pandemic as the end of the world or as a way to suppress everybody but a time we can use to reflect on the good, see how we can help another person either by volunteering or using our time and services. Even bringing a good word to someone can help uplift their day. Let’s not forget our vulnerable persons in society like the elderly, the ill and our young people, they also need guidance.

At this time, we need to band together to support each other during this time. Let’s hold on to the hope that things will eventually get better and this too shall pass. Let’s not waste this time but use this time to reflect on ourselves, learn a new skill or hone the skills that we already have.

Create a wonderful day, not just hope that the day will be good but intentionally go through the day thinking that it will be a great day from the thoughts that we have and the actions that we take.

Love always from Saran

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