Frequent Fickle feelings

Feelings come, feelings go, they can go up and down and can go round and round

One day you will love someone with all of your heart and the other day you can’t stand the sight of them

There is a thin line between love and hate they say

But is it a thin line? Is there a line at all?

True love knows no condition

But feelings go everywhere and put you in a tailspin in the wink of an eye

The thing is not to react to every “feeling” that you have because feelings are like the wind and the waves.

They come and they go, they sway and they swing, they build you up and they break you down.

Although feelings are important, they are essential and they are significant.

Feelings alone should not determine your decision making.

Because when you are up, you are up but when you go down, you can crash and burn

Acting sole off of your feelings can distort your decision-making ability.

This I because your brain cannot distinguish time elapsed, but associates an event, a task, a place, person or thing to a memory, so with each recurrence of said event, task etc, the exact same feeling resurfaces.

Feelings may cause you to do or to say things you wouldn’t generally do or say had you not been in that particular mood

But life is not about doing what should be done only when we “feel” like it

As an adult, we have responsibilities and obligations that must be fulfilled because they have to be done.

As human beings we attach an emotion to almost everything we do, those things that give us happy upbeat feelings are enjoyable and we do with delight.

The things that may be frustrating, depressing and a drag to us, we may take forever to complete or we do reluctantly because of the down feeling that it brings.

So here is a suggestion, for the tasks that we have to do (because, well we are adults) find a way to attach joy to it, it make it enjoyable.

For the tasks that we don’t have to, either, hmmmm, don’t do it or delegate it, if you can.

If we can begin to shift the things that we have to do to be moments of joy and happiness, eliminate the tasks that we don’t which brings no meaning, we will find joy in the simple everyday tasks.

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