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Don’t give up, the start is always the hardest.

As we start a new year, a new decade, it’s easy to say, “New Year, New Year” but what does that look like for you?  According to multiple studies, including one published by The University of Utah Health Care, 45% of Americans make new years resolutions at the beginning of the year but only a staggering 8% of that figure will actually fulfil the promises they make to their self. In addition, and not shocking, almost every year the #1 resolution is to lose weight.

So why are so many persons falling off the bandwagon and most importantly why aren’t they getting back up? There are many reasons that could account for their downfall, to include but not limited to

  1. Not sufficient or lack of accountability
  2. Not enough or loss of motivation
  3. Lack of interest
  4. More compelling priorities
  5. Personal or family emergencies
  6. Unrealistic goals
  7. Too little or lack of patience
  8. Little time management
  9. Lack of or little self-confidence
  10. Financial or other burdens

In a nutshell, persons either have no sound plan in place or no plan at all. Because let’s face it, life is filled with curveballs and high waves. And instead of wishing and hoping or keeping our fingers crossed, we should establish and execute a plan that will mitigate such eventualities that are likely to come your way, (refer to Murphy’s Law).

A great way to keep up your morale along with a plan in place is to stay motivated through uplifting words and affirming what you intend to manifest in your life through words and images.

Remember faith without work is dead, so make the plan and put in the work.

To help you start the year right, I have complied 20 quotes that you can read and 20 affirmations that you use to jump-start your year and put you and keep you on the right track.

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2020 Vision 2020 Focus

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