Sliding, slipping, falling, crawling

winning, soaring, riding gliding

stock, downward, broken, bent

sitting, waiting, living well


At times it would seem like we have been through it all, we have seen the worse, we are at our lowest, we bend and sometimes we break, SNAP!!!

Sometimes it feels like all is lost, the most heartbreaks, the emptiest wallet, the saddest life, then…

Before we are able to drown in our own tears. The tears of others wash us to shore, SPLASH!

Do we snap out of it, do we continue the journey or do we bury our heads in the sand, SIGH!

Then we hear a cry, louder than before, with anguish, pain and despair.

The one who saved your life, is going down, with noone to help, noone even sees, noone even cares…… but I do

Sweet subtle aroma you left behind on my hand brings back pleasant memories with each whiff

Long graceful body, glides across the room turning every head you meet

Soft calming voice quiets the raging storm

How can you be saved, you have lost hope as you drift away into the sunset

Will we meet again, no one knows, by divine order, let it be so, so I may gaze upon you just one last time.


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