The birth of “Life is…”

The birth of Life is…

Expert of “Life is…” book launch by Saran P King

Without realizing it, “Life is…” has been in the making for over seven years, it started its transition nearly a year ago and finally bloomed this year, 2019. There isn’t a single event or a single person that I give extra special credit to as every situation I have experienced and every person I have been in contact with had, even though small and other times in a big way influenced me in some way and made this final product possible.

In my mind, I thought that one day, maybe in my retirement age that I would finally have time to write and publish a book but it happened a lot sooner than I anticipated. One of the pieces in the book captioned “Perfect timing” is one of my favourite pieces because sometimes we think that things are not happening soon enough or taking too long to happen. At times it may seem that it doesn’t matter what we are doing, we are not getting through with what needs to be done but when we look at the bigger picture, when we step back and look at things from the outside looking in, things are happening the way they are supposed to happen. The pieces of the puzzle are moving closer together and in time and with patience, we will see that they all fit together.

At the moment it would appear that we are not moving closer to our purpose but we have to not just ‘go with the flow’ because Faith without work is dead, James 2:17 NRSV, but ‘trust the process’. Put action behind our belief and trust that with work and willpower, you will find a way from faith, yes but also from the mechanisms we put in place to make things happen.

In a way, we can all use life’s challenges and victories as stepping stones closer to fulling our purpose. Whatever is happening we have to take responsibility. We own everything that is happening around us and to us and if things are not going the way we want them to go, stop, evaluate what we are doing and what we are not doing.

In the words of Albert Einstein “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity”. If we are not getting the outcome that we want or expect, we have to re-evaluate what we are doing and try another approach.

And as my life coach, Roshini Cope, would say, “Create your day”, create the life that you want, not just doing things out of habit but create what we want by our actions and believe that it will happen for you.



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