“All that glitters is not gold”

All that glitters is not gold

By Saran P King

In Maya Angelou’s poem “The mask” she outlined that many times we hide our inner feelings and emotions from others, hiding our pain and hurt. Many times people look at face value and think that your life is “perfect” and you have everything going for you but like the poem, you wear a mask every-single-day, shielding the tears, anguish and hurt. “All that glitters is not gold”, things are not what they appear to be, sometimes, we look at the whole picture and sacrifice our own happiness for the greater good. But is that really healthy? To cower down to what society thinks that we should be and what they think your life should be or should we rise up to be the most authentic version of ourselves, shining our light so bright that other would have to lift their hands to cover the glare. When will we, especially women, stop trying to please everyone around us and stop trying to make everyone else happy meanwhile compromising our own happiness. When we will be bold enough to say, enough is enough and to hell with what others say or think and step into our true greatness. My blessed and highly favoured lady, be not afraid to reveal the true you.


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