“loose curls on flat ironed hair”

Flat ironed hair can sometimes be a little flat, pun intended, and if your likes are similar to mine, you also enjoy seeing your hair in its curly state. Not to worry, you can still enjoy your curls even if your natural hair is in the flat ironed state. This post will explain in a few simple steps how to achieve large loose curls on naturally curly hair that has been flat ironed.


1. Wash hair thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo. A clarifying shampoo is any shampoo that is specially designed to remove styling products and oil that can build up on the hair and scalp over time. Hair should always be properly cleaned before flat ironing to prevent products from burning and sticking in the hair and to enable the flat iron to glide easier through the hair. Because these types of shampoo contain a chemical called acetic acid, a mild detergent compound, that can potentially dry out your hair, it is recommended that you follow up with a deep conditioning treatment.

2. Deep condition hair for at least an hour after shampooing and detangle: Deep conditioners are treatments that are designed to replenish moisture back into the hair strands that were previously stripped due to the use of shampoos. Well moisturized hair is stronger, shiner and generally more healthy and less likely to break during the straightening process. While hair is saturated with conditioner is also the perfect time to detangle your hair in at least four sections. Hair should be thoroughly detangled of all knots, initially with your finger then with a wide tooth comb or a denim brush in order to make flat ironing process easier.

3. Add heat protectant to damp hair: Heat protectants are any products that help protect the hair strands from the harsh heating process of flat ironing. Heat protectants come in the form of an oil or a spray. Before applying the heat protectant wash out conditioner thoroughly and allow hair to drip dry or remove excess water with a soft towel or t-shirt before adding protectant to your hair which will help trap in the moisture. while protecting the hair.

4. Flat iron hair while a little damp. Since hair begins to burn at 451 degrees celsius, it is recommended that you flat iron hair with no more than 450 degrees. Because the flat ironing process will be taking moisture from your hair strands, I would advice you to flat iron while the hair is still damp so the hair is not completely robbed of its moisture content. Work in small sections making no more than 2 passes on each sections of hair, chasing hair with a fine tooth comb. When choosing a flat iron, be sure to choose one with ceramic blades as they are less damaging to the hair strands and one equipped with an adjustable heating gauge, so you can know exactly how much heat you are applying.

flat ironed hair
flat ironed hair after clarifying and deep conditioning, front view
flat ironed hair
flat ironed hair, side view

5. Create loose curls using big flexi rods, by grabbing large sections of hair. Placing each flexi rod towards the end of a section of hair, roll the rods inward securing them at one end as shown below.

flexi rods installed: frontview
flexi rods installed: front view
flexi rods installed: side view
flexi rods, side view
flexi rods installed: back view
flexi rods, back view

6. Sit under a hooded dryer for 15 minutes to set the curls.

loose curls
loose curls, front view
loose curls
loose curls, side view

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