“Don’t wash your hair too often because it won’t grow”

Another very common phrase that I still to hear to this day.

Hair must be kept clean in order to retain moisture. When your hair is dirty, there are different factors that take place. Firstly, dirt and hair products will build up on both the scalp and hair. When the scalp is dirty, just as it is with your skin, it cannot breathe Neither can it absorb the nutrients or moisture it needs. You wouldn’t go three months without bathing, so why would you want to do that to your hair. Treat your hair like you would your body. Keep it clean, handle it gently and keep it well moisturized, you will surely see the difference. Hair that is dirty looks dull and dry because the strands are covered and weighed down with dirt and/or hair products and cuticles become coated which prevent moisture from entering. Keeping hair clean ensures that the strands are not burdened with products or debris and moisture will be able to penetrate the strands, giving it a shiny and healthy growth.

There are many different types of hair cleaners that can be used. Since every head of hair is different, sometimes it can be a trial and error game finding what is best for your hair. What works for one person’s hair may not necessarily work for another, even though both may have similar hair textures. There are many debates about what one should use to get hair cleaned and how often it should be cleaned. Whether it is a silicone or sulphate free shampoo, be it organic or homemade or just a conditioner to clean your hair, one thing about which we can all agree is that hair must be cleaned and be kept clean in order to retain moisture effectively and to have healthy strands.

Hair can be cleaned with a shampoo or a conditioner so create a wash routine and keep your hair clean, your hair will thank you

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