“Brushing your hair will make it grow”

The media has a very strong influence on a lot of the things that we do and believe. Who hasn’t seen a movie scene in which a lady is sitting in front of the mirror, counting stroke after stroke as she brushes her hair, seeing it supposedly grow as a result. I must admit that I too sat in front of my mirror brushing my hair and counting, in hopes that it would get longer. In my eyes, it actually seemed to be getting longer and shinier, but it was simply an illusion, not reality.

Nothing is wrong with brushing your hair; however, the problem lies in the type of brush and the way in which it is used. When you brush your hair, you are creating friction with the hair cuticles. This could lead to damage and sometimes removal of the cuticles if the brush is used incorrectly.

Since the cuticle is the protective layer of the hair strands, it must be kept intact to preserve the integrity of the strand. If the cuticle layer is damaged or destroyed it will be very difficult for your hair to remain moisturized and your hair will feel dry and look dull. Use the brush as little as possible, only when necessary.

Use a soft bristle brush to reduce the friction on the strands especially on the edges which are the most vulnerable. When using a hard bristle brush, tilt the brush at an angle and use very gently. In time you will see the difference in your hair.

The palms of your hands are good substitutes for brushing where and when possible or try tying a satin scarf around your edges for lying down those troublesome baby hairs.

If you too have been brushing and counting, think again, you could be causing more harm than good because brushing your hair will not make it grow.

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