“Water is bad for your hair”

This is actually one of the biggest misconceptions about natural hair. Like many others, I also believed this until about a year ago.

Water your hair so that it may grow!!

Although my hair was softer and easier to manage when it got wet, I never understood why and never knew the principle behind it. Water is the ONLY product that truly moisturizes your hair and is capable of moisturizing from the inside out. Just as plants need water to grow, so do your hair and skin. That is why it is essential to drink a lot of water; to keep skin hydrated. Drinking water every day is just as important as applying it to hair. Spraying a little bit of water on your hair as needed and sealing it with a cream, butter or oil product, can help to keep your hair well moisturized. How often you spray water on your hair will totally depend on what your hair needs. When you mist some cool water on your hair, you are encouraging the water particles to penetrate the cuticle layers and hydrate the strands. Following with oil, butter or cream will help to trap that moisture in the strands and make hair softer. You will instantly feel the difference when your hair is well moisturized. Learn to listen to your hair and give it what it desires.

Your skin will also reap the benefits of just water. Well hydrated skin is brighter and more supple. Water helps to eliminated toxins from your body, thus making you healthier. Like your hair, the skin should be moisturized. Use a moisturizer after a shower while your skin is still damp.

Water alone has many benefits and you should include it in your hair and body routine. Drink up!

10 thoughts on ““Water is bad for your hair”

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  2. yes yes yes! water is the original natural moisturizer! It is best to put a natural oil such as Argan Oil or Coconut Oil on wet natural hair to seal in the moisture. Or, put a leave in conditioner in and then put the oil on to help seal it in for long lasting strength. Love the post! 🙂

  3. Thanks, antiguabarbudagirl. You have been a great help. Now, I am going to try out all of your tips. You had a great idea for local naturals like yourself and I hope that others will find your blog as helpful as I have found it. I will keep checking for new ideas periodically.

  4. I have questions. What type of shampoo and conditioner do you recommend for natural hair? Is it only olive oil that you use in your hair? I viewed other blogs and some persons mixed several oils like almond and jojoba and even tea tree. Do you discourage this practice?

    1. Well Maine, everybody’s hair is different and it all depends on what your hair likes to determine what products to use. Products free of sulphates, parabens and silicones tend to be less stripping and damaging to the strands. I do use other products other than olive oil in my hair, shea butter being my favourite. I do not discourage mixing oils because I also mixed oils using jojoba oil, avocado oil, almond oil and occationally coconut oil and castor oil.

      1. Thanks for responding. I went into town to find this shea butter because my hair is so dry, but to no avail. Where in Antigua do you get Shea butter? I was also asked by the store attendants if I wanted pure shea butter. I assumed yes was what I should say. Educate me, please.

      2. Yes, pure or 100% shea butter is what you should ask for, they come in chunks or in one solid portion. There is a yellow coloured type and a cream coloured type (which is the one I use). I always mist my hair with water before applying the shea butter or any other product. I buy mine on market street from the fellas who sell natural oils, located opposite the Piggots Mall. But you can also purchase it from the Ayoushe store on the corner of St Mary’s Street and Corn Alley.

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