Three heatless methods that can be used to create curls or waves for flat-ironed hair

Flat twists are great for creating beautiful waves while adding body to flat-ironed hair. They can be used as a protective style or as a way to preserve your flat ironed hair for longer periods. You can make them as large or as small as you want, the larger the twists the looser the curl.

Bantu knots, locally called pussy bobby, are bumps that are made in sections by wrapping a portion of hair around its self. They can be secured on their own by tucking them under or with hair pins as shown below. They can be made into different sizes to help stretch the hair. They can also be used as a protective style or to achieve curls. The size of the curls will depend on the size of the knots.

Flexi rods are spongy light weight hair tools used to create curls. They come in different sizes and lengths and, like the Bantu knots and flat twists, they too can be done in various sizes depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Big sections will give you big curls.

These styles can also be used on natural hair

3 thoughts on “HEATLESS CURLS

  1. HI! Your bantu knots are so beautiful. Did you do them on wet or dry hair? Can you talk about your process for creating them?

    1. Thanks Tiffany. My hair was flat ironed so it was done on dry hair so that it would not revert back. Each section of hair was twisted to make it smooth then wraped around itself in a ball and hair pin was used to keep them in place. I slept with them and took them out the next day. I will have a tutorial coming soon so stay tuned.

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