High bun for natural or relaxed hair, locs, weave or braids

High bun

A quick and simple protective style great for any occasion and can be done in under 5 minutes, making it a good go to hair style.

The high bun is best achieved on stretched hair like an old twist out or braid out but it can be achieved on freshly washed hair.

High bun is not limited to natural hair but can be created on any type of hair, relaxed, locks, transitioning, weave, braids.

In the tutorial below I demonstrate how to achieve a high bun on my natural hair. You can modify it as needed.

Items used


moisturizer sealer of choice (shea butter)

one scrunchy

hair pins

modified denim brush


  1. Mist hair with water
  2. Add your favourite product to seal in the moisture
  3. Slick down edges with a denim brush or a soft bristle brush (optional add a little alcohol-free gel to keep down flyaways)
  4. Gather hair in a high ponytail
  5. Hold hair together with a scrunchy making sure hair is not too tight (you can also use a hair tie, ouch-less band, old knee-high stockings etc)
  6. Take hair from the ponytail in small sections to start creating your bun
  7. Roll under each section and secure with a hairpin forming the bun
  8. Optional (add a flower, headband, other hair accessories)

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